5 Tips For Being A Successful Woman

The modern women must face many challenges in order to succeed in the workplace to achieve professional success. However, many times the main challenges to overcome do not come from outside, but from the insecurities that may be in your mind. This is what Cecilia Riviello, Vice President of Sales for Avon in Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic, says.

“A successful woman is one who is 100 percent happy in all the roles she plays, who feels very good about herself, with the time she dedicates to each of her activities and what she has achieved. And she has arrived as high in her professional career as she has wanted without having to make sacrifices, without remorse, “she told Womenwhodumpedme.com .

According to figures from Kelly Services Mexico, only 6 percent of top management positions in the country are held by women. A figure that contrasts sharply with 40 percent of female executives in countries like Norway.

So, what can a woman do to excel in the business world, be it as an entrepreneur or as an executive?

Cecilia Riviello says that there are myths such as the existence of a glass ceiling, a real or imaginary limit that stops the progress of women within a company.

“In some cases it does exist and we put it ourselves. Those of us who want to achieve professional growth with all that this implies, we achieve it, “said the interviewee.

 The low penetration of women in the board of directors of companies is a terrible irony if one considers that, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), women entrepreneurs contribute about 40 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) ).

 We asked Cecilia Riviello to share with us five tips that from her experience as a successful woman can help other entrepreneurs to achieve success.

1. Believe in yourself. It is essential to know that you can achieve everything you set out to do.

2. Know yourself. Do not be afraid to ask for help from your partner, friends, therapist or mentor to correct everything you want to change to improve.

3. Plan your life. Remember that success is not a matter of fate, but the result of the decisions you make every day.

4. Always prioritize. Never sacrifice the stages of your life, on the contrary plan them well to make the most of them.

5. Always be yourself. There is no better key to success in a woman than maintaining the ability to be fully each of its facets as a mother, wife, friend and executive.

 “The enterprising Mexicans are very capable and intelligent women, with fears and with beliefs of having to choose one life or another. Those women who, either by necessity or by having a clear desire to succeed, we have tried to improve ourselves are very happy, “concluded the interviewee.

10 Strategies To Succeed As A Woman In Your Venture

Succeeding is something that all professionals want but success as a woman can have even bigger challenges.

It is not because we are women that we have these challenges, but rather the beliefs, the culture, and the tasks that the same woman imposes on being a mother.

Another important factor is poor self-esteem, playing this one of the most important factors.

For the same reason, in this article we dedicate strategies to succeed as a woman in your endeavor, because we believe that you can achieve it, you only need clarity and support points to help you take the first steps.

1. Learn That You Do Not Have To Please Everyone.

Many find it hard to leave a comfort zone, or see beyond the family zone. These types of people can become closed and they will do everything possible to not leave their reasoning.

For the same reason I suggest that if a similar person comes to your life, do not waste too much time trying to please , because no matter what you do, you will not be the perfect client, the perfect team, the perfect partner.

It is not necessary to please everyone, trying to achieve generates unnecessary waste on your part and deconcentrates you from your goals or dreams.

2. Communication

Many people can judge quickly because they are dealing with an enterprising woman. However, since they see that you really have the capacity to achieve what you say and more, they themselves will be the first to promote you.

To succeed as a woman you need to learn from one of the best tools of the human being and this is communication . However, be very careful with this, I do not mean the fact that you speak for speaking, on the contrary it is about talking when you have to do it and keeping silent when you play .

This may be the biggest challenge for some women because they do not know how to do it, but if you are ready to succeed you have to learn this.

3. Do Not Feel Offended

It is very easy to fall in the offended me for being a woman, keep in mind that we are still in a business and business world dominated by men, but if you want to succeed as a woman you have to let regret comments that can be offensive.

You can let comments go a bit offensive or unintentional and of course pay more attention to those that are intentionally made to make you lose control or where your wellbeing is harmed.

4. You Are Unique

This is a mentality that can help you succeed as a woman quickly or it can stop you, you are the person who is going to say it.

We are all different and unique, we have strengths and weaknesses, the important thing is that you do not deny who you are and do not try to be like others .

Your unique talents will help you excel easily, if you deny them this may be the reason why you do not get to out.

5. Demonstrate Confidence

You will always find people who want to step over you, and they can make you lose your trust because you are a woman.

Do not be afraid to say your disapproval of the situation and show your confidence in yourself . Be respectful in doing so, tolerant but firm in your displeasure.

Do not let them happen on you, even if it is a client, the client’s mentality is always right is not true and only a belief that you have to eradicate from your system, this will help you succeed as a woman.

6. Create A Support System

Among women it is easy to find all the support or have it against, but to succeed as a woman you have to go beyond your closest group of friends.

You need a support system and should have both men and women where you can count on their support, as well as the advice you will need to achieve success in your venture.

7. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For What Corresponds To You

Not for being a woman you have to less value your work and your effort when doing a job. Ask what is fair and do not feel afraid that they will reject you.

One of the things that have made me personally reach the position where I am a Hispanic leader is the fact that I charge for my results and my knowledge and not for my gender or my titles.

8. Stay Visible

Do not wait for the world to see you, make the world see you. Do not wait for opportunities to come to you, make opportunities come.

Keeping yourself visible in the business market will help you succeed as a woman and of course help you increase your confidence in you and your knowledge .

Once you learn how to be yourself and stay visible for your achievements and successes, you will become the person you really want to be and your gender will be irrelevant.

9. Do Not Say “Yes” All The Time.

In the business world it is important to know how to say No , not only to bad customers or suppliers, but even to the family.

It does not mean that you leave your family or friends, only that you have a schedule to follow and that based on that your day is scheduled. When people around you learn that, it will be much easier to deal with your agenda and achieve a balance between success as a woman in the professional and personal.

10. Develop A Good Sense Of Humor

A good sense of humor helps you reduce hostility , self-criticism, relieve tension, poor communication between others.

The same will help you to lighten the air in a room or board where you have to have control.

Succeeding as a woman does not have to be difficult, all you need is to have control of your life and your agenda, as well as your emotions and allow yourself to flow to reach that well-deserved success.